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Automatic Fire extinguisher 1.3kg of Dry Powder ABC90% in a ball shape is an innovative product that is used for extinguishing initial stage fires.

It is a lightweight product easy to use even from children and old age people (in case of fire).

The extinguisher is easily activated either automatic with installation placed on a Special Bracket close to the equipment that should be protected when temperature reaches 70ºC or by throwing that to the fire. In this way, the user does not need to approach the fire.
This product can be used for the protection of electrical cabinets, servers, flammable material, Canisters of Chemical liquids, solid Fuels and in general for risks areas so that to extinguish initial stage fires, etc.

There is a sound during activation that can be considered as an alarm for fire.


  • Capacity: 1,3Kg
  • Extinguishing Agent: ABC 90%
  • Operating Temperature: 70 °C
  • Approx. gross Weight: 1,3±0,2 kg
  • Packaging Details: 1pc

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