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Fire extinguisher 6Lt Foam without Fluoride

XF 3000 is a 6Lt Fire Extinguisher that has been successfully tested and is filled with Water additive without fluorine. This agent increases fire rate comparing with regular Water extinguishers. During extinguishing there is no Foam generation (in case that Foam is not permitted). XF 3000 can extinguish wood, plastics, tyres, batteries, rubbers, laboratory equipment.

Properties:Fire is cooled down very quickly and this happens due to additives in Water that extinguish fire. The XF3000 has been de-electric tested at 1000volts from TRSC Laboratory.

Environment:XF3000 agent is biodegradable with minimum environment effects. It is non toxic and does not contain fluorine, PFOS, PFOA and PFT.


  • Approval Type: MIRTEC
  • Extinguisher Type: Portable
  • Pressure Type: Stored Pressure
  • Suppression Agent Type: Fluor Free
  • Capacity: 6Lt
  • Extinguishing Agent: XF 3000 1%
  • Operating Temperature: +5 to +60 °C
  • Max Allowable Pressure: 18 bar
  • Test Pressure: 27 bar
  • Volume of Equipment: 7,7 lt
  • Cylinder Height: 415±5 mm
  • Cylinder Diameter: 160±1,5 mm
  • Cylinder Neck Thread: M30x1,5
  • Valve Material: HPb59-1 (Nikel Plated)
  • Cylinder Material: DC01 (St12)
  • Safety Valve: 19-26 bar
  • Approx. gross Weight: 14,34 kg
  • Approx. Dimensions: 850x200 mm
  • Paint Finish: RAL 3000
  • Packaging Details: 1 pc.

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