“TALOS” extinguishing system ® HFC-227ea for land applications

The most widely used worldwide clean agent extinguishing material, a substitute for Halon 1301 Certified in its entirety according to VDS HFC-227ea is a calcareous material which is used to replace Halon 1301 in various applications, with highly satisfactory results.

It is odorless, colorless, electrically uneductive and suitable for extinguishing Fires type A (Solid Fuels) and type B (Liquid Fuels). It is an effective extinguishing material which provides top-notch fire protection for sensitive electronic equipment such as room areas, telecommunication stations and facilities, industrial processing control rooms, etc.

Its minimum concentration for type A fires is 5.8% of the volume while the concentration applied is 7.5% (very low concentrations compared to other halon 1301 substitutes). The “TALOS” system ® HFC-227ea requires minimal storage space, compared to other similar alternatives such as CO2 and IG.

Regarding the installation, the extinguishing material is pressurized with nitrogen at 25 bar or 42 bar at 20°C and stored in steel cylinders with certified shutters. The release of the extinguishing material is safe and quiet. HFC-227 is a extinguishing material based on the requirements of ISO 14520, UNE 23572 and NFPA 2001.


Replaces Halon – Quick extinguishing – High efficiency, low concentration of extinguishing material (7.5%) – Low storage pressure (25 bar or 42 bar) and quiet releases – Requires minimal storage space – Leaves no residue after application – Electrically non-conductive – Does not affect ozone – Approval by: ISO 14520,UNE 23572,NFPA 2001 and EPA SNAP listed


Control rooms – Computer rooms – Archives, libraries – Telecommunications stations – Laboratories, petrochemical installations, museums, art exhibitions, etc.