FIDIAS Automatic System 1-6m HFC-227ea with Pressed


  • Great flexibility of use for Fire Categories A, B, C as well as in protected areas with the presence of Electric Current
  • Long Product Life (5-10 Years depending on the placement area and conditions of the site)
  • Zero Maintenance throughout the Product Life
  • There is no presence of Cylinder – the entire Product is placed inside the under-protection space
  • It does not harm the under-protection Equipment nor the Human during Defusing
  • Ability to connect to a Pressure Switch and an Activation Alarm
  • Use of a Pressure Control Manometer of the Extinguishing Material
  • Environmental Friendly Extinguishing Material (HFC-227ea)
  • Automatic Activation resulting from Inflation of the Extinguishing Material due to Temperature Increase
  • 100% Autonomous System independent of Electricity
  • Simple Installation – No Training Required
  • It can be placed in rooms with a temperature range from -20°C to +80°C using a presstostat
  • It can be placed in rooms with a temperature range from -40°C to +90°C without a pressed state
  • Activation temperature 105°C ± 3°C